It’s the summer travel season

OK, many of you will be on the road this summer. If you are on the California coast, and you travel for adventure, rather than sitting by the pool in some expensive resort, you need a guide to all the cool places and great things to do. That’s why I wrote With the Sea Beside Me: An intimate guide to California’s central and north coast. Travel with someone who knows the coast intimately and learn where to camp, hike, kayak, surf, drive and drink beer. Start in Santa Barbara and hug the coast as much as possible until you hit Oregon.

You can find it on for $15.95. Go to:

Did you ever hike up to Headwaters in Humboldt?  Remember the tree sitting and the purchase of the grove by the state. Our money; our grove, and one of the most interesting hikes on the coast.  That and more waiting for you. And while you are at it. check for other books, both fiction and non.

Besides enjoying the books and getting travel ideas, you can help me with the gas money I’ll need for this year’s adventure.

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